Warren "Bullseye" Bryant

Tactical Distance Elimination Expert


Level 13, Str 0, Dex +4, Con 0, Int +2, Wis +4, Chr +2
59 HP, 27 AC, +4 Init, 4 Fort, 10 Ref, 8 Will, 11 Melee, 15 Ranged
Silenced Beretta Sniper 2d10, Steyr GB 2d6, Light Undercover Shirt +2 Defense


Raised almost exclusively by psychiatrists, Warren displyed signs of a serial killer from a very young age. This led to his parents abandoning him at a mental institution where his only true entertainment was a slingshot given to him by a fellow patient. He soon realized a powerful affinity for long distance weaponry. To this end, once released from the institution, he purchased his signature beretta sniper rifle and made an attempt on the life of the head doctor at the institution. The doctor survived and the attack drew the attention of the leader of the initiative, this led to his initiation and he has worked for them since

Warren "Bullseye" Bryant

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